Heavy Metal Dice

We are Eldersteel, and our goal is to make games you love more fun and epic. Everybody loves card- and boardgame accessories like playmats, card sleeves and other merchandise. But for lifecounters we noticed that the options were limited to mostly boring plastic dice. Thats when we decided to make a series of awesome metal spindown dice for all the cardgame enthousiasts just like us! We launched our Spindown Dice on Kickstarter and got funded within a couple of days!

Now they are available here for the whole world! In the meantime we are working hard on making even more dice for you to enjoy!

Free goodies

Free Eldersteel Dice Bag included in every order. And for each €30 order value you receive a free Metal D6 Die

Worldwide Shipping

Worldwide shipping available for only €4,95

Eldersteel Metal D20 dice family